Goodlove & The Dirty Plan

by Paul Hayworth

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Created in the first half of 2011, a concept album with tracks and melodies that flow into each other designed to give lots of aural enjoyment to the listener.

Translated into English:
A twelve-minute instrumental folk as the opener for the debut album? Is the man completely mad? Yes, he is - but in a good way. The British election Vienna and Freud ex-guitarist has swum himself free to put an intimate solo effort on rock floor. The best proof that the guitar player in the background in bands is too often underestimated.
Review 5/5 Stars
Highlight: Good Love & The Dirty plan
Connection: Primal Scream, Pulp

Original German Version:
Ein zwölfminütiges Folkinstrumental als Opener für das Debütalbum? Ist der Mann komplett wahnsinnig? Ja, ist er – aber im positiven Sinn. Der englische Wahlwiener und Ex-Freud-Gitarrist hat sich freigeschwommen, um ein intimes Solo aufs Rockparkett zu legen. Der beste Beweis dafür, dass die Saitenzupfer im Hintergrund viel zu oft unterschätzt werden. 5 Sterne
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Highlight: Goodlove & The Dirty Plan
Connection: Primal Scream, Pulp


released October 22, 2011

Music & Lyrics - Paul Hayworth
Adittional Lyrics - Payam E. Roshan
Album Art - Davina Peer
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Paul Hayworth England, UK

A huge collection of wide ranging genre bending albums. Modern audio sculpture encapsulating classic sounds of electric guitars, synths and lyrical magic with conceptual writing styles and amplified verve sprinkling the murky pit of electronic pop wastage on electrocuted Wilma tunes since 2010 ... more

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Track Name: Movement One
Track Name: Dead Mans Shoes
Dead Mans Shoes

My life is a mess but it’s goin on
And the people around don’t just fall to the ground
And the things that you say they just blow me away
As I live in the night and sleep all day, carry on

Someday soon I know that you’re gone
Bye Bye choose for days to be long

The circus around plays on and on
As the people that made it don’t fall to the ground
As the young watch the sickness in old and decayed
Looking at fools and the lives that they made, arn’t you gone?

Someday soon I know that you’re gone
Bye Bye choose for your days to be long
I know you know we’re goin on
Dead mans shoes are there on the lawn

Someday soon I’ll be picked up by them
Blood runs down my finger again
I know u know we’re goin on
Dead mans shoes piling up on the lawn

The world is full of liars & theives
And the hijackers wait with guns in the trees
The man in the moon’s not gonna die soon
But the devil is there waiting on his knees, carrry on
Track Name: Goodlove

You say your desire, la la la
You say you aim to please
It’s more than a phase
The slowburn flickers
Starring into my head
You’ll get my desire

Na i don’t want you
Goodlove and the dirty plan, oh wo ho

You’ve been skirtin around for quite some time now
Is it more than a phase or intuition?

The soul bird say this kids wierd
Get out of my fire
Like a love warrior
You’ll feel my desire
Ego from black flower
Eases the pressure
Do everything in three’s

Na i don’t want you
Goodlove and the dirty plan

Goodlove and the dirty plan

There’s a thing out there
Called playing fair
So dance around
And fill the air
When you’re empty inside
Staring at my head
Your ego dies with your burning bed
Track Name: Fork

In the light of day, came a foreign man
With the devils eye, he said ‘Yes We Can’
And you know it’s time, when the bells ring out
What can I say, just scream and shout
Go do it together, yes you can
The devils eye
When the cats go out, and you’re about to die
A vision from the heavens, comes down from the sky

When the clouds lift high, and your saviours coming
A fork in the road, I don’t know why

Get it together, when the shots ring out
I love you forever, there is no doubt
You can buy a ticket, to the other side
We can speak together, that’s the way we slide

Fork in the road, time to decide
It’s the way they lie, to make us until we die

Left, Right, there’s no way in the middle
When the heat is gone, and there’s something going on
Say it to me, we don’t know what’s going on
Steal your thunder, like a saviour coming down from the sky

The world turns around, and we don’t as why?
As the shots ring out, we don’t ask why
As they fight your wars, and you don’t ask why
So they feed your fears, and you don’t ask why
They steal your money, and you don’t ask why
And take over your soul, and you don’t ask why
What are we waiting for, a messenger to come down from the skies?

Maybe everyone wants something that isn’t there
Track Name: Modern Design
Modern Design

Stuck In time
With A frozen Mind
Tears of love
From time to time
I try to fight

Day after day
Night after night
It’s the modern life
Sucking me in
Into the stream
Walking in Line

Have to walk in line
Walk in line
To the modern design
Walk in line

All of my pride
Gone with the tears of love
Just lies
Learn how to walk in line

All of my life
Had to jump higher
From the frying pan into the fryer

Walk in line
Learn how to walk in line

Now there’s nothing to hide
How to walk in line
Now the tears are dry

Tears of love
In the modern life

Day after day
Night after night
Have to walk in line
To the modern design
Just along their stupid line
Walking the line
With an image
Frozen in my mind
Track Name: Destiny

Nobody knows
Our destiny
I walk this city
All alone
And think where did the time go?

In the speed of change
You get caught up in the flow
I really don’t know

How long
Is tomorrow going to be?
My life
Is taken over
By all the things I should have been

How can we escape
From the weights that bring us down?
And how can we improve
The feeling in this town?
Whilst everyone around us
Just wants to put us down
To take it for themselves
Whist your head is in the ground.
Track Name: Hotel Pellirocco
The Hotel Pelirocco

What a nice way to spend a holiday
Lounging on the beach for about half an hour
Going round in circles swimming in the sea
Time to go to Hotel Pelirocco

The history of mankind is there, laid out for all to see
Jumping on the bed, let me loose my head
We’ll have a great time you’ll see

Sitting in the shower for about half an hour
Read a magazine to tell us who we are
Standing in the corner for about half an hour
Join a new group that’ll change the world

We can’t get the room we want in Pellirocco

Bollie & Caviar, velvet ropes, whatever will be will be
The walls are like a prison stick on some Terravision
We need to get out you’ll see

A night on the tiles, the place looks wild
But we can’t get in you’ll see
Diving through the crowds, it’s ripping kinda loud
Now we’re part of the Human League
The history of mankind is there
Laid out for all to see
Have a little dance to Right Said Fred
Let me loose my head
We’ll have a great time you’ll see

Laid out in the corner
With a Wiskey Cola
Take me back, take me back to Pellirocco

See it in your dreams, you know what they mean
Lets fall asleep and see
Tell me who you are, i’m you’re guiding star
We’ll have a good time you’ll see
Bollie and caviar, velvet ropes
Whatever will be will be
The walls are like a prison stick on some Terravision
We need to get out you’ll see

And in a dream, it suddenly came to me
I must be a re-incarnation from a catastrophy
It’s nice to wake up to Brigton by the sea
Pack all the bags and travel home
It’s good for you and me.