by Paul Hayworth

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Originally concieved around 2007 named from the title track Nibiru. It is based around the idea that we live in a binary solar system with two suns, our sun and a brown dwarf. At the end of every era, as portrayed many ancient cultures and religions, a cataclysm befalls the planet, it is cleaned of everything and the cycle of life starts once again.

The world is awash with what could be called consipracy theories about ‘the end times’ as seemingly more disasters, social upheaval and rapid changes take place on our planet with incresing intensity every day. If we have found with technology such an object and it was heading straight for us, could we ever stop it? Many people now live in fear that something big is around the corner. Is it Nibiru the rogue brown dwarf star?

The music is lies somewhere between experimental Indie, Glitchcore and Space Rock. At nearly 30 minutes long the opening song on the album gains in speed and intensity throughout, theatrical lyrical excerts are taken from ‘The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth’ known to the Alchemists, hidden knowledge and wisdom long regarded by scholars such as Aristotle, Isac Newton and Alexander The Great. Experimental analogue synths wash over guitars through many movements and passages creating a titanic marathon production of ‘Space Rock’ doomsday creation.

The other six tracks on the album, mix styles like Retro Pop and New Wave Punk. A video single Banyan Tree (Indie Rock), one film soundtrack Killing Disko (Post Punk) following more science fiction or maybe actual science facts that have come from alternative to mainstream thinking about the grandest forseen grizzly end to date.

Nibiru - The musical story of a molten metal cataclysm of doom that is hurtling our way.


released December 21, 2011

Extra voices by India Fleet



all rights reserved


Paul Hayworth England, UK

A huge collection of wide ranging genre bending albums. Modern audio sculpture encapsulating classic sounds of electric guitars, synths and lyrical magic with conceptual writing styles and amplified verve sprinkling the murky pit of electronic pop wastage on electrocuted Wilma tunes since 2010 ... more

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Track Name: Banyan Tree
Sit here and wait
Don't know how long it's gonna take
Some say it's gonna come
Some say it's just a fake
Some say it leaves destruction in it's wake
They say it's visable by fall
They say it's unimaginable
It could be bigger than the moon
It's coming soon!
I'll just sit here and wait

The truth is out there havn't ya heard
As the cat sits down by the Banyan tree
Muse over the good times we had
And stare on out at the stars tonight

All over I've been lookin for you
There's something out there havn't you heard
I'd like to see it if we could

I'll just sit down here by the Banyan Tree
And wait for night to become day
Some say that I'm a fool so I meow
Scan the sky's 'till I find my prize

There's something out there out of this world
Like all the little things you give to me
I'll sit don here and wait and see

The truth is out there havn't you heard
Could this be just my last word?
Some people have said goodbye
And dissapeared into the night

There's something there that makes us stare
And I can't leave until i know it's there
The truth is out there havn't you heard
Love is good when you fly like a bird

The stars rain down
All around
The stars rain down
Until the sun comes round
Track Name: The Last Time
The wheel is turning, of the 8 rayed star
400 light years away, it's not so far

At the centre of the galaxy
There's a supermassive black hole
The serpant holder, into infinity
Nothing shall remain, on the celestial cross
Xebalbabe is it's name

Cosmogenesis as the universe is reborn
We spin and cast our shadows
So the field effects are warm
In 18 days of darkness every 13000 years
Galactic alignment appears
Ascention harmonics, collective spiritual birth
Shadow projection, cast upon the earth

The dark rift, is the serpant rope
The time window for the tree of life
The secret sign brings trouble and strife

Number 13 and the wheel of fortune
And the devine cross
And the equinox

Could this be the last time
We come to pass
Could this be the last time
Dawn opens for nuclear mass
And nothing will remain that is not consumed

Could this be the last time they find their way through
Could this be the last time enlightened by you?

The galactic bulge is coming for you!
Could this be the last time or do we go round again?
Track Name: Hollow Moon
So I take my space elevator, to come and see you
So i take my space elevator
23° Satellite fantastica

I take my space elevator
To come and see you on the planetoid
It shouldn't be there ringing like a bell

I take my space elevator to come and see you

23° Satellite fantastica

The moon was created far away
Stolen from the heavans and brought to the earth
The moon is a climate regulator
So I take my space elevator
I look at this cosmic coincidence

You're a stepping stone
Satellite fantastica
Track Name: Magic Door
I wake up one day and say
"Hey whatever you do there's a way"
Out of the door, on the street
I see the people I'd like to meet
I see your face in the place
That time began every day
When your dreams have gone away

How does it feel when you're standing by the door
You can walk though but things won't be there any more

I wake the next day and I'm free
I'm free to be what I want to be
I knocked on the door, I feel more
Whatever you say there's a way
So I walk on through, to meet you
But you're not there any more
I see your face laughing in the sun
There's a way for me and you

How does it feel when you're standing by the door
You can walk though but things won't be there any more
It never happens that we can't fight any more
Unlock the door and see the sunlight shining forever more

I stand here
Who cares anyway
Laughing in the sun
Yeah it's just begun

I wake the next day and i say
I want to live that way
And I don't care anyway
And I can be sure anytime
To walk through the magic door
And I feel the sunshine glowing forever more

How does it feel when you're standing by the door
You can walk though but things won't be there any more
It never happens that we can't fight any more
Unlock the door and you'll see
Everything you want and so much more
Track Name: Killing Disko
You are the one
Watch me bleed
You are the one

Jackin you up
Skaggin you up
There's no dancfloor that you own
You are the one

No nations, no borders, no leaders
Messing with you all the time
Hate arseholes, hate every thing that you throw at me
Fukin high you can't deny it!

Retake, on a plate
Dub quake, spin late
half baked, new faked, retuned, optimized
I'm wedged, new lyrics, headcase
Great taste

Spin the plates on the video fun ahaha
Can't fool with the 1's n the 2's n nana
They say n they got no money ha ha

It'll never work out
News aid band aid it's not really complicated
News aid muso stick it in ya fukin face!
Great taste
I wanna destroy
Shout out loud
Dead on prediction with a painful smile
Killin the disco, for miles and miles
Clog the system, be stand and proud!
Killing in the end
A private jet